Vacations are intended to be times in your life where you can make memories that will last a lifetime, but will also give you the time to rejuvenate and enjoy yourself. You want your time away from the hassles of your work and home life to be something special. Not just for yourself, but your wife, husband and kids as well. You deserve time away and you want to make the most of it.

When most people think of Cambodia they think of an impoverished Southeast Asian nation. Most people still have the images of this country that they viewed from the Vietnam War, and these indelible images seem to be ingrained in their memories. This is why when some discuss the idea of going to Cambodia for a vacation their friends and family look at them like they must’ve lost their minds.

The truth is that the islands off of the coast of Cambodia are some of the most beautiful places on earth. These tropical islands are a veritable paradise that give tourists and visitors some of the most amazing moments they could ever imagine. The beautiful sunsets, incredible crystal-clear water, fishing, snorkeling, and other activities and sites make this an incredible paradise. It is something that has to be seen in person to truly capture the majesty of it.

Clearly, everyone wants to have the best vacation possible. These Cambodian Islands are incredible places to be able to enjoy a vacation that can help you to recharge your batteries and enjoy a fun and adventurous time. There just is so much to enjoy.

The question that many have no is which island or islands are the best ones for them to go to? This is a very good question. Different folks have different tastes and so everybody may be looking for something a little bit different than what somebody else once. This means you need a little insight into what is the best opportunities and amenities available to you to be able to make the choice that you so want. If you’re looking for the best possible experience, here are some tips on the best Cambodian Islands to visit to enhance your experience.

You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right to Party


While this isn’t for everyone, some people are looking to flat out party. They are looking for the island or islands that gives them the best possibility for fun and adventure in the nightlife. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometime hitting the bars and clubs makes for the perfect vacation, and allows you to not only enjoy a fun night out but to meet people that could change your life in a positive way.

If this is the adventure you’re looking for then Koh Rong island is the selection for you. This is one of the smaller of the Cambodian Islands but it offers a lot of things you are clearly going to enjoy. This is especially true of its nightlife.


The bar is open 24 hours a day on Koh Rong, and there is a very permissive attitude about enjoying smoking some things that would be illegal in other countries if you know what we mean. This is a great place to be able to go and meet people and enjoy a little nightlife, no matter whether you are a young person or an older person. This could definitely be the place for you.

The DJs they bring in are always on fire, and there’s always a good-looking guy or a hot looking girl to find a dance with. A wide variety of drinks are served, often with a little Cambodian touch to them, and the bars offer free beer during happy hours. Fortunately, there are many happy hours during the day.

There is a lot more to this island than just bars though. Koh Rong Island has beautiful bungalows for tourists and gorgeous white sandy beaches to be able to lay on. There is also a very densely packed jungle area that offers some incredible adventures. The High Rope Park allows you to live out the adventures of a lifetime about 300 feet above the ground. Swinging on ropes using zip lines, going across rope bridges, and moving from platform to platform and give you hours of some of the most exciting times you will have, and it’s all about ground.

The forests themselves are absolutely beautiful. You will see some incredibly exotic animals, and be able to walk the trails that allow you to go through the forest area with relative ease.

If you like to fish, sail, or go diving, all of these amenities are available to you. You can rent equipment are join to worse to help you enhance your experience. The fish you will see are beyond words and will help you to enjoy and have a tale to tell for years to come.

If you want to enjoy a fantastic walk, then KohRongIsland is something you simply can’t beat. There are many trails all over the island that allow you to get from one place to the other, or you could just walk along the beach. You also can rent a bicycle to get a nice ride along the trails themselves.

One of the things that makes this island paradise so beautiful is that much of it is undeveloped. This means that you can enjoy this beautiful tropical island with most of its natural beauty and. This is a great place for a person looking to get their groove on.

I Just Need to Relax

saracen bay koh rong sanloem

Looking to get in a little relaxation time? Then Koh Rong Sanloem is the place for you. This island was built with some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, that are perfect for a nice lazy day out in the sun. In fact, one of the beaches on the island is even referred to as Lazy Beach. If that doesn’t say relaxation, then nothing will.

This is another one of these islands that offers great amenities that go beyond a nice relaxing day. The beaches all over the island are beautifully designed, and kept in pristine look. This, too, is an island that hasn’t been scarred by man-made innovations on it. You can enjoy much of the look and natural beauty of the island itself.


The waters that surround Koh Rong Sanloem are an incredible turquoise that has to be seen in person to truly admire. Along most of the shores the water is quite calm allowing for a pleasant day out in the water to swim or splash around with your kids. However, on the east side of the island a person can find a great opportunity to catch a big wave to hang 10. If you’re a surfer looking for the opportunity to get in a little relaxation while you get in the little fun and adventure, then Koh Rong Sanloem is the perfect location for you.

What makes this island stand out from the other ones is that it is only been in the tourist industry for just a few brief years. This means that you are can have the heavy traffic and large crowds you would find in most vacation resorts. There aren’t going to be tall hotel buildings, jam-packed roadways, or litter filled streets here. Instead, you were going to find an island meant to enjoy in its natural state.

Of all the islands the paddle boarding and snorkeling are the very best here. The views underwater are something to behold, in the calm waters allow you to be able to use your paddleboard in safety.

The trees of the densely packed forest are definitely something to behold. You will love the birds and animals that you see, and there are many trails to follow that allow you to maneuver through the parks area with relative ease. This is the absolute perfect location for a romantic stroll with a loved one.

When You Need to Be Pampered


If you have a little bit more money to spend and you’re looking to be treated like royalty, then Song Saa is definitely the place for you. This is to small private islands that has been nicknamed “sweethearts.” The origin of this nickname is not known, but you’d have to be a real special kind of person to take your loved one here.

Song Saa contains a 27 room resort as part of the accommodations, at a cool cost of $3000 per night. The amenities begin from the moment you check and when a bottle of champagne is given to each newly arriving visitor to the hotel. It’s time to start running in style from the moment it you arrive.


book resort hotel song saa private island cambodia

However, the amenities don’t and they are by any stretch of the imagination. Gourmet meals are included as part of that price tag, and you will find some of the most amazing delicacies that have ever hit your palette before. These gourmet meals are beyond words.

The hotel rooms are stocked with a full service and well-stocked minibar, they provide you with free international calls, and you can get locally grown foods brought to your room for some extra tasty treats. If you’re looking to get some fresh fruit or vegetables that are indigenous to the beautiful Cambodian island, there is simply not a better place to find it.

The resort hotel offers you many other benefits as well. There’s an incredible spa with full time masseuses working. These are highly trained professionals that are intended to give you a five-star service while you stay there. In fact, massages can be done in your room or out near the beach. They truly know how to pamper you.

There’s always also some form of entertainment for you. This not only includes to worse and guides that can assist you around the island or around the waters that surround Song Saa, but also include music and other types of entertainment. If you’re looking for something to pass the time you can be sure that they’ll have a service to assist you.

It truly is a very expensive daily cost there, but is well worth the price. You simply won’t find a place to be more pampered than here.

When You Want to View Nature at Its Best

Koh Thmei ream national park

Some love to see the beauty that is Southeast Asia. There are some incredible animals, insects, and plant life that simply can’t be found anywhere else on earth or, even if it can, it can’t be seen in this kind of setting. If you’re looking for an adventure that allows you to enjoy nature to its fullest then Koh Thmei is clearly the place for you.

This is the home of the Ream National Park and is where you will find some of the most incredible animals on earth. There are over 100 different species of birds that can be found here, which include many that are endangered on earth or near to being made extinct. Monkeys can be found in great assortment as can lizards and civets. Looking for some really rare kinds of animals? And there’s nothing like the fishing cat, a form of feline it makes its home near streams.

The Koh Thmei Resort is an incredible place to stay. This island is dedicated towards doing things the natural way to help keep the world a better place, and so the island does many things to stay within this theme. This includes the bungalows of the resort being made only of simple wood that are all run by solar power. No fossil fuels or hazardous materials are made to power this resort. This island is intended to be eco-friendly in every way imaginable.

If you want to get a little adventure and during your day, there were great hikes that you can wind up taking that are guided by tours or which you can do on your own. Two-person kayaks are available for you will enjoy the waters around the eye. You can snorkel or fish. The resort has ponies that children can ride if you decided to bring your kids along. There truly are a lot of great things to see.

If you want a relaxing day out at the beach you will find no better place to go. In fact, quite oddly a lot of people go like to sit out on the beach at this island, which means often you can have a whole lot of sand to yourself. The one time that you will find that people do come down to the waterline is because dolphins frequently swim along the shoreline of Koh Thmei. You can get a close-up view of these majestic animals from a very short distance away.

Dive Captain, Dive

Koh Tang

Maybe the adventure for you is to do some serious diving. If that is the case, then Koh Tang is the place for you to go.

Koh Tang is located about five hours from the mainland. It was actually the site of the last battle between US forces and forces of the Khmer Rouge prior to hostilities ending during the Vietnam War.

While that may be an interesting piece of trivia to many people, it is the beauty that surrounds the island that really makes it an incredible place to visit. This is a virtually deserted island, with just a small Cambodian military outpost on the island itself. What this means is that the waters that surround the island are quite undisturbed. You will get clear coastal waters that give you an excellent view all swimming in and around the water. It is the perfect location for diving.

So what kind of things can you see on this island? Well that is a really good question. There were eight different popular diving sites around Koh Tang. Each one of these contains incredible coral reefs and a wealth of some of the most exotic and exciting underwater creatures that you will ever see. The colors alone will astound you and if you are an underwater photographer you will get images that you could simply not imagine.

Some of these exotic creatures can also be quite dangerous. This includes such things as poisonous puffer fish, stingrays, and electric blue spots. If you’re looking for a really exciting adventure, and clearly there is no place like this. You always have to be on your toes when swimming around here.

It’s Back to the Future

Koh Totang

One last place that should be mentioned is Koh Totang. What makes this island so unique is that it is the one place that does not provide any type of Internet connection. Once you arrive here it’s like going back 50 years and time. Land lines are your only way of getting communication off the island, and many have found that even trying to use their telephones was impossible. This is the place where you get to enjoy nature at its best virtually unplugged.

This island also looks to help you get in touch with nature at its best. The water used in the showers is from captured rainwater. Most of the homes are bungalows that visitors stay in have hammocks for bad, and there’s an incredible garden where much of the food is grown. You will clearly have a very peaceful rest on an island like this.

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