Koh Rong Samloem VS Koh Rong Island

Finding the Perfect Island Getaway May Be Easier Than You Think

A vacation should be just that – a vacation. However, way too many people turn their vacation into a lot of work. They choose destinations that require a great deal of walking or riding to get anywhere or that are so full of bustle that it is hard to enjoy oneself. This is not what a vacation is supposed to be about.

What makes it worse is that many vacation destinations have become so cluttered with tourist activity that they are hard to enjoy. This is not a knock on such places as Rome, Paris, or Beijing, but if you have been there you will fully understand what is meant here. It is not just that there are so many tourists in the area, but hundreds if not thousands of years of visitors have turned some of these beautiful locations into a dirty, dingy place to visit. Looking at the air quality of Beijing alone makes it clear of exactly what is being talked about here.

Your Choice for Two Great Locations

Fortunately, there is an incredible paradise that you can get away to where you can fully enjoy the freedom that a vacation is supposed to grant you. You deserved to make that vacation a time where you can recharge your batteries. Where you can have some fun, but also be able to enjoy getting away from it all. Cambodia has two incredible locations for you.

Koh Rong Samloem Isand and Koh Rong Island are two beautiful island resorts off the coast of the nation of Cambodia. These destinations have everything you could want in a vacation. Beautiful sunsets, incredible beaches, five-star service and, most important of all, to places where you won’t be overwhelmed by the number of people or the amount of garbage you would see. They truly are paradise!

Let’s Remove the Stereotypes

For many, all they will hear or read is Cambodia and not care about very much else. Too many people, Cambodia is a country where Vietcong soldiers hid out during the Vietnam War. Many consider it a desolate, poor country and fear it for this very reason.

Well maybe not having the modernization of a London or Paris, Cambodia is still a beautiful nation. It has beautiful cities, a very warm and friendly people, and all of the amenities that one would find anywhere in the world. It truly is quite a beautiful location.

But before you start to let your mind run with how wrong the statements are, consider first that you are not really going to traditional Cambodia. These two island resorts are often the coast of Cambodia, and so very little of the nation you would actually see itself. This should dispel the concerns that most would have.

The Islands Themselves

For many centuries these islands were nothing more than fishing villages. Koh Rong Island is a small little chunk of paradise with an area of just about 30 mi.². It is flat for the most part, with its highest elevation above sea level being about 1000 feet. The outer edges of the island are covered with beautiful sandy beaches, while the inner portion has a very majestic looking tropical rain forest. This allows tourists to enjoy a walk on the beach or a gaze out in the sunset at night, or a more adventurous time through this beautiful jungle region.





Koh Rong Samloem Island is an even smaller island resort. Its area is about 9.5 mi.² with its highest point being about half of that of its sister island. It, too, is covered on the outside with majestic beaches that have gorgeous yellow sands, while also providing beautiful tropical rain forests on the inner portions of the island. Truly there are no two more beautiful island places on the earth.

Part of what makes these islands so beautiful is that they have not had tourist visitors on them for centuries. In fact, both have only become tourist destinations within the last two decades. Koh Rong Island was turned into an island resort just after the turn of the millennium, and Koh Rong Samloem Island became an island resort within the last four years.

What this means for you is that this is the ideal place to get away, because you cannot have large amounts of traffic and huge numbers of tourists that are visiting, which means that there is not a lot of the kinds of problems you would find with traditional vacation destinations, such as trash, vagrants, smog, and the like. Instead, you get pristine beaches in a tropical paradise.

This of course comes with the enjoyment that these tropical paradise is to provide. Sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and numerous kinds of adventures await those who want to enjoy the beauty that comes with these two islands while not being overwhelmed with the other aspects that can ruin a vacation. You deserve to be enjoying yourselves and happening some time to get away from it all. These destinations will ensure that you get that piece of mind that you so desire.

Koh Rong Samloem VS Koh Rong Island

koh rong samloem

koh rong samloem

Knowing that both of these areas are incredible destinations for a great nation you may ask yourself which one is the ideal selection for you. If you have time you may consider enjoying both, and you should be aware that they are close enough to each other that a short boat ride will get you easily from one to the other. However, it is understandable you may not have the time or the desire to enjoy both. So what is the best option for you?

It begins by deciding what kind of accommodations you desire. On Koh Rong Island you will find more traditional kinds of rooms to be able to stay in. This means hotels in complexes that have such amenities as restaurants, gift shops, and clubs. You may be looking for a place that allows you the opportunity to stay in a room much like you would in any destination in the world. You want to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the island, but you also want the enjoyment that comes from five-star accommodations. If this is what you are looking for, then this island is the destination for you.

On the other hand, Koh Rong Samloem Island provides a different kind of vacation getaway for you. Here, the idea is that guests feel like they are part of the island itself. What that means is that accommodations are either bungalows or guesthouses on properties. This ensures that no large structures take away from the natural appearance of the island, but gives visitors the ability to enjoy a wonderful stay.

Clearly these accommodations are quite different than staying in a hotel. They are intended to give the visitor a different kind of experience on their vacation. These are smaller rooms, with less amenities inside the room itself, which means that a person can experience a little more of the idea of “roughing it” on Koh Rong Samloem Island.

Don’t be mistaken however. These are beautiful choices for a very comfortable stay that allows you to enjoy a wonderful adventure.

Beyond the accommodations, there were also some very significant differences between these two islands. Because Koh Rong Island is a much larger island there are more things that a person can do during their vacation there. One that comes to mind is the High Rope Park on Kong Roh.

koh rong island

koh rong island

This gives people an incredible adventure to be able to enjoy. The High Rope Park is located in the tropical forest area on the island. This is a series of bridges, zip lines, and platforms that are constructed with ropes that gives you the opportunity to feel like a great adventurer. You can swing from tree to tree on the different zip lines, battle your way across a treacherous river area using the rope bridges, or swing across an open area on a sliding platform. This is literally hours of fun for the entire family, no matter what age they may be, and will leave you with memories that will last you for a lifetime.





Koh Rong Samloem Island does not have a big venture is excursion like this but, for many, they are not looking for this kind of good time. They want to place where they can enjoy the natural beauty of their vacation while also having some peace and quiet.

Koh Rong Samloem Island is the ideal location to be able to do this. Because of the smaller kinds of accommodations, there is a limit on how many people can really enjoy the island itself. This means a lot less people, a lot less bustle, and a lot less headaches trying to enjoy your vacation.

No matter which island you select for your vacation, you should be aware that there are the same kinds of things to enjoy in either place. The fishing on these two tropical paradises is absolutely astounding. You can fish from the shore, rent a boat to go out onto the waters or into the bay and enjoy a little time alone or with a loved one trying to make a big catch, or you can join a group going out in the Gulf of Thailand for the day. No matter which option you select, you will find a great opportunity to enjoy some amazing time out or in the water catching some fish.

For those who want to enjoy a little more challenging adventure, the snorkeling and diving in and around the island is something that words cannot describe. You will see incredible sea and wildlife while swimming through some of the most beautiful waters you will ever encounter. Both resort destinations offer lessons, training, and equipment rental for you to be able to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Many people come to these two tropical resorts just looking to do some swimming or laying in the sun. Each island offers incredible beaches for you to be able to lay out and soak in the sun’s rays. There were also bays located on each island where you can swim in an enclosed area so you can feel more secure, or you can challenge the waters around the island by swimming out into the Gulf. Some even like the idea of surfing, where you will find incredible waves that will allow you to Hang 10 with the best of.

What is so amazing about both of these islands is that you can enjoy a beautiful morning in one of the bays, and then just go a very short distance to another part of the island where you could surf or snorkel out in the Gulf waters. You are never very far from anything you could want to do.

Of course, both islands provide incredible forest views. There are pathways that you can follow that lead you through the forest safely, yet still giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the plants and animals that lived there. You will find some of the most exotic looking birds, plants, and other animals that you have ever seen, and they are not shy about allowing you to take pictures, so bring a camera.

In fact, Koh Rong Island is referred to as “Monkey Island,” because much of the forest area contains these beautiful creatures. This may cause you to have some concerns, but these animals have become use to the tourist population and can be quite friendly. That does not mean you should walk right up to them, but with the proper guide they can assist you in having a more personal interaction with these animals.

Guides and tours are available on both islands to be able to enjoy the forest areas.

Koh Rong Samloem Island has two small villages to it. This gives tourists the opportunity to meet and get to know this very pleasant and welcoming island population. Many of the villagers do arts and crafts that they sell that are breathtaking to look at. They also offer you the opportunity to try the island cuisine cooked by some of the most authentic people you will ever meet.

On Koh Rong Island there is a much larger population of indigenous people, affording you a better opportunity to be able to find little treasures and gems that the people make. The assortment will be much larger than what would be found on the sister island, however, you will probably not have the same opportunity to be able to meet and get to know the people of the island. Larger populations and more tourists mean less availability of people to be able to sit and chat with you.

Larger populations also create another kind of problem for Koh Rong Island. There are little buses and shuttles that can take you anywhere you want to go on the island, but many people still have vehicles that they use to get around as well. There were only two lane highways to go anywhere you would be looking to get to, so during busy times traffic can be quite a bear. Clearly it is not downtown Chicago during rush hour, but the traffic will slow you down and cause you to have to take a little more time to get to your destination.

You do not find these kinds of problems on Koh Rong Samloem Island. The reduced number of visitors and indigenous people means a lot less traffic and a lot less hassle.

For those who would like to use the old-fashioned ways to get around, there are great bike pathways that can get you anywhere you want to get on either island. You are able to rent bicycles at a very reasonable cost and confine yourself in any destination within a few minutes. If you wish to walk, you can still use these pathways to get you to any location.

You will enjoy great cuisine no matter which island you were on. Koh Rong Island has many more traditional style restaurants to eat at, but both islands provide nightly luau style events where you can gather with your fellow guests to enjoy the nightly cuisine. Truthfully, you will never need better than during one of these events. They provide you with authentic island cuisine, that tastes beyond words.

If you are wondering which destination is the best for you, clearly there are advantages and disadvantages to both as you have seen. This is just a matter of personal taste as to which accommodations match up to your desires the best.

What you can be sure of is this. Whether you visit Koh Rong Island or Koh Rong Samloem Island you were going to have the time of your life. You were going to see beautiful sunsets, enjoy incredibly beautiful waters and beaches, and not be subjected to many of the things that ruin a vacation. You will truly feel when you arrive home like you have recharge your batteries and you are ready to face the world once again.





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